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Scheduling routine facials with your esthetician can seem, to some, as "extra". But experts state that on a deeper level, it makes you feel like you're honoring yourself aesthetically - taking time out for yourself. Those thirty to sixty minutes, spent going through steps in a rhythmic, calm and purposeful manner, can almost be meditative.

Simply put, committing to and following a routine that will benefit the health of your body's largest organ (your skin) and deliver the bonus of providing the structure and pampering that benefits your psychological priceless.

Scheduling a routine skin facial at the salon with a licensed esthetician will not only add to part of your "skin care routine" but will get you out of your routine space and into an environment that allows you to truly "Do You" and relax and enjoy the healthy benefits!. It's "me time" to the fullest and how does that not keep you feeling happy!

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