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Our trained estheticians provide you with the most comfortable and hygienic body hair removal waxing experience possible.   


  • Frame your face with our signature brow service, featuring personalized waxing & tweezing.

  • When you’re looking for something a little more defined than the basic bikini but you don’t want to take it all the way to a Brazilian, a full women's bikini is the service for you.

  • The Brazilian is our most popular wax. Choose this option when you want to be smooth all over, with just a strip of hair in front that can be as thin or thick as you desire. Our experienced estheticians work quickly but thoroughly to make this wax as painless as possible.

Whether you want to remove a little or a lot, come see us—our staff will make sure you get the precise look you desire.


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We use the most gentle, hygienic product available—Nudess Nufree.


It’s botanically based and is technically not a wax, so it won’t stick to skin or cause irritation.


It’s antimicrobial and antibacterial, giving you a completely sanitary hair removal experience.


Arms-Full                          $44

Arms-Half                         $37

Back–Full                          $48

Back-Lower                       $22

Chest-Full                         $33

Chest-Strip                       $24

Legs-Full                           $75+

Legs-Lower                       $44

Legs-Upper                       $48

Shoulders                          $27

Toes                                   $16

Underarms                        $25

Brazilian                            $60

Women’s Bikini                $49


+ plus pricing based on consultation evaluation. 


Brow                                      $15

Lip                                          $15

Chin                                       $15

Combo of any two above     $25

Full Face                                $50

Brow Tinting                         $20

Lash Tinting                          $25

Our licensed wax specialists are trained in NuFree Wax Treatments. They are passionate about their work and will provide you with the most comfortable and hygienic experience possible. 

woman's leg waxing service


* Call for pricing for waxing services not listed