Refresh and revitalize your skin with our indulgent facials. Your experienced esthetician will provide a skin consultation and will recommend a customized home regimen to help you minimize blemishes and maintain clear, glowing skin.

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Refresh Facial                                $45

(30 Minutes)

A mini facial that will be a relaxing break to your day! This 30 minute facial starts with a refreshing cleanse, followed by a mask specific to your skin concerns. The service ends with serums formulated for you, leaving you feeling refreshed! You’ll go back to work or be ready for a big event with glowing skin!


Ultimate Facial                            $75

(60 Minutes)

This 60 minute facial will relax you into another dimension and clean out your pores like they never before! The service starts with a deep cleanse under steam to remove any gunk sitting on the surface, wake up the skin and prepare it for extractions. Next, a relaxing and soothing facial mask specifically for your skin that will give it the proper nutrients it needs. To conclude the service, results-oriented serums will be massaged into the skin for deeper product penetration. You will leave feeling confident in the skin you’re in and ready to come back for another!